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School of Communications provides professional media training for future Multi-media Journalists and Corporate Communication Officers. It has allocated a large amount of resources to acquire state-of-the-art facilities such as TV Studio, Radio Broadcasting Studio, Editing Room, Multimedia Training Centre and Radio Broadcast Training Centre.

1. SCOM TV Studio

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SCOM TV Studio consists of one Studio, two Control Rooms and one TV Workshop Room. The room capacity is 50. Three professional studio cameras with autocue are set up in the Studio. Numerous lighting, audio and Computer Graphics (CG) equipment are installed in the Studio, which enable students to work on their assignments under the supervision of Technical Officers. Some broadcast equipment such as portable cameras and microphones are stored in the TV Workshop Room. Students can book the equipment for use throughout the academic year.

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2. Radio Broadcasting Studio

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Radio Broadcasting Studio can accommodate 10 people. It includes one Audio Control Room and one Sound Booth. Three computers with professional sound recording software, a professional mixer and several microphones are equipped in the room. In order to reach a professional recording standard, the Studio has applied soundproofing technique.

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3. Non-linear Editing Room

There are 9 sets of computers with video, audio, typesetting and graphic editing software. Students can complete their post-production assignments in Non-linear Editing Room. All computers are connected to Central Storage Server. The room capacity is 9.


4. Multimedia Training Centre

The Centre can accommodate 29 people. It provides professional equipment for editing, typesetting and production trainings. There are 29 sets of computers software while one of them is connected to a projector to provide a whole-room view of what is on its screen. All computers are connected to Central Storage Server. Office processing, multi-media production and design software are available for producing everything from page layouts to multimedia contents.


5. Radio Broadcast Training Centre

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The Centre resembles the work environment of a radio station, which is essential to develop students with broadcasting skills. There are two Recording Rooms together with a Classroom for Exhibitions and Lessons. The Centre capacity is 24. There are three computers with professional sound recording software, one professional mixer and several microphones. The Studio has applied soundproofing technique which facilitates the production of live radio programme.

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6. TV Lab


The TV Lab combines 6 big TV demonstration screens with TV production equipment. It was established in September 2015 to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary training for students. Students can apply the knowledge and skills learnt from related modules of the BJC Programme to producing and demonstrating their works.

6. Media and Communication Lab


Media and Communication Lab is equipped with 35 sets of Apple iMac workstations to support effective teaching and learning of media and communication technology. Students of BJC/CMCT programmes will acquire various hands-on experience with web design, photo/video editing, mobile apps development by using industrial standard hardware and software.

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