Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme may take up jobs such as Internet and TV reporters, news anchors, news analysts, financial news analysts, editors, TV programme producers, post-production practitioners, news translators, news cameramen, media administrators, financial public relations officers, public relations officers, public relations and communication consultants, project managers, communication policy analysts, communication strategy consultants and marketing executives. Graduates have a wide range of career options.

Career Options for Business Journalism Concentration (Examples):

  • Reporter
  • Editor
  • News Translator
  • Producer
  • Researcher
  • News Analyst

Career Options for Corporate Communication Concentration (Examples):

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Marketing Executive
  • Overseas Sales Executive
  • Researcher
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Corporate Communication Officer

Career Choices and Recommended Elective Studies

Career TrackRecommended Elective Studies 
Business Journalism
Financial Journalist
(in TV, Radio, Website, New Media)
(TV, Radio, and Live Webcast)
(Post-production Supervisor, News Photographer/
(News or Financial)
Corporate Communication
Public Relations Officer
Financial PR Officer
Communication Consultant
Project Management Officer
Media Planner
New Media Public Relations Consultant
Government Information Service Officer


The above list of careers is not exhaustive. The programme also paves ways for potential careers such as flight attendant, news translator, communication policy analyst and media management officer. Students may consult their personal tutors for more information if they are interested in other potential careers and seek advice on their choices of elective modules.