School Introduction

The School of Communication offers two bachelor’s degree programmes and one master’s degree programme, namely the Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (Honours), the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convergent Media and Communication Technology and the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication to meet the growing demand for professionals in Business Journalism and Corporate Communication. The curricula of these programmes are carefully designed such that not only students are provided with classroom-based education and training in specialised communication areas but they also benefit from a lot of experiential learning through opportunities such as internships, industrial projects and sharing by experienced and visionary practising professionals. It is expected at the time when students graduate from the programmes, they will already get ready to accept challenges in the real world of work. 

Coupled with a team of professional and scholarly faculty members, the School of Communication has invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities to give students plenty of hands-on experience. These facilities include the SCOM TV Studio, the TV Lab, the Radio Broadcasting Studio, the Radio Broadcast Training Centre, the Multimedia Training Centre, the Non-linear Editing Room and the Media and Communication Lab. Our aim is to provide students with knowledge and skills and as well the abilities to be creative, to think critically, to pursue life-long learning and to develop an international outlook so that they will become competent and responsible professionals and leaders in the communication industry in future.