About the Programme

About the Programme

Message from Programme Director

Strategic Communication involves “orchestrated communication efforts with a master plan to influence a public policy or to promote an agenda”. Being “strategic” is communicating proactively the right message through right channels to the right audience with the right effect. The MA in Strategic Communication is designed to provide most updated knowledge and professional training to students who want to pursue a career and excel in it in social, political and corporate communication.

Hong Kong, being an advanced modern city, will advance further with more talents devoted to communication for the good of society. This Programme is intended to train professionals who will advance humanity by communicating strategically and conscientiously for the good of society, fostering genuine dialogues with “truth”, “rightness” and “sincerity” in the Habermasian ideal of discourse. “Communicate to advance humanity” is the ultimate concern of the programme.

Professor Paul S N LEE, Programme Director, MA in Strategic Communication


Designed for working professionals and future-to-be experts who can embrace the rapid changing social environment and communication landscape, the MA in Strategic Communication programme provides comprehensive knowledge in communication theories, latest development in media, and current practices in social, political and business communication.


    1. The Programme offers a unique blend of political communication and corporate strategic communication. It is structured into two concentrations: Public Affairs Communication and Corporate Engagement Communication.
    2. It stresses the balance between theory and practice by inviting top professionals in the field to share their experiences and insights, with integration of theories supported by the School’s full-time professors.

QF Information

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

QF Level: 6

QR Registration No. : 18/000852/L6

Registration Validity Period: 08/11/2018 – 31/08/2025

Programme Brochure

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication (MA-SC) Brochure


Email: masc@hsu.edu.hk