High-Speed Rail Business Opportunities: “Position” matters

The cross-border high-speed rail link was opened in Sept 2018.  It was expected that the stores and shopping malls near the high-speed train stations could be benefit from the increasing foot traffic. However, our reporters found that the shops in the unpaid area of the Futian high-speed train station did not have much foot traffic. Some shops even closed in a normal weekday afternoon. In contrast, the shops in Dongmen Commercial Street, far away from the high-speed train station, said they benefit from the increasing traffic. A business expert asserts that a good geographical position does not guarantee success. He suggests the shops around the Futian Station should have a better market “position”. 
IP Miu, WOO Cheuk Ying Traci, KO Yuk Ting, HO Wai Ying, WAN Chui Mei, WU Cheuk Lam