School of Communication

The School of Communication has been playing a leading role in providing business communication education. It is a pioneer in offering the unique Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (Honours) programme in 2011, which combines business and finance with journalism and communication to meet the industry’s increasing demand for professionals in business journalism, corporate communication and communication technology. In 2016, the School further launched the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convergent Media and Communication Technology programme, which focuses on leveraging technology to serve communication needs. In 2018, the School’s first master’s degree programme, Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, was approved by the Chief Executive-in-Council ExCo, signifying a leap forward of the School in providing wide-ranging high quality degree programmes at different levels.

Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (Honours)

The Bachelor of Journalism and Communication (Honours) (BJC) programme is the first 4-year undergraduate programme in Hong Kong that converges Business, Journalism, Public Relations and Corporate Communication in one curriculum. The programme strikes a balance between theory and practical training. It offers local and overseas internship opportunities as well as exchange programmes to students with a view to broadening their horizons and enhancing their critical thinking, creativity and presentation skills. We strive to train students to become communication professionals in the fields of Business Journalism and Corporate Communication. Students may choose either one of the following two concentrations in the BJC programme:

  • Business Journalism
  • Corporate Communication

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convergent Media and Communication Technology

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convergent Media and Communication Technology (BA-CMCT) Degree Programme provides students with a quality inter-disciplinary education that offers a unique blend of media theory and practice in association with communication technology, so as to nurture professional and versatile talents to confidently face challenges and opportunities in the age of rapidly developing digital media and communication industries. The increasing convergence of Communication, Computing and Content in the digital media evolution is the driving force that calls for a new generation of capable talents who possess both good technological ability and communication competence.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

Designed for working professionals and future-to-be experts who can embrace the rapid changing social environment and communication landscape, the MA in Strategic Communication programme provides comprehensive knowledge in communication theories, latest development in media, and current practices in social, political and business communication.

  1. The Programme offers a unique blend of political communication and corporate strategic communication. It is structured into two concentrations: Public Affairs Communication and Corporate Engagement Communication.
  2. It stresses the balance between theory and practice by inviting top professionals in the field to share their experiences and insights, with integration of theories supported by the School’s full-time professors.