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SCOM Talk Show ep60: Professor Raymond Fung

“Knowing when to go and stop is easier said than done. ‘Leaving it blank’ is a philosophical question to life. You have to know when to make an effort and when to let go. When you’ve tried your best but couldn’t achieve your goals, just let go without any regret.”

Professor Raymond Fung Wing-kee (馮永基教授), a renowned architect in Hong Kong, has been engaged in architectural design for over 30 years. He has involved in various public projects such as Wetland Park and Wisdom Path on Lantau Island. What does he consider to be an architect’s social responsibility? As land is scarce in Hong Kong, how can architects develop humanistic designs? Professor Fung is also passionate about ink painting. How does his creative process bring him inspiration of architectural design? Let’s watch Professor Fung’s sharing now.