SCOM Talk Series

03-25SCOM Talk Series 40: Influencer Economy: The Next Battleground for Influencer
11-26SCOM Talk Series 39: Public Relations Professionals’ Challenges amid COVID-19, Case Studies and Our Way Forward
10-29SCOM Talk Series 38: The New Normal of Hong Kong Cinema and Its Way Forward
10-22SCOM Talk Series 37: The Road from a Journalist to an Entrepreneur
10-03SCOM Talk Series 36: How to Become a Charismatic KOL?
02-20SCOM Talk Series 35: Branding Hong Kong, Bridging Youth Culture
11-14SCOM Talk Series 34: How to Strive for Justice When Social Barriers are Clear? Reflections from a TV Reporter to a Forum Host
10-31SCOM Talk Series 33: The Development of Corporate Sustainability in the Greater China Region
04-13SCOM Talk Series 32: Sharing by Awardees of the HSMC Business Journalism Awards 2015/16
11-01SCOM Talk Series 31: Managing Public Expectation - Experience of Hong Kong Police
09-20SCOM Talk Series 30: Looking Across the Pacific: American Images of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Images of America
04-19SCOM Talk Series 29: Visualize the Sound of Youth
03-15SCOM Talk Series 28: How to make use of Media and Self-Media
03-08SCOM Talk Series 27: Changes of the Election Culture in United States and Hong Kong by Social Media
09-28SCOM Talk Series 26: The Future of Chinese Newspaper – Case Discussion on Ming Pao
11-18SCOM Talk Series 25: Can Reporters Do the Right Thing at Critical Moment?
10-28SCOM Talk Series 24: “Prosperity” and “Development”: The Direction of China
10-14SCOM Talk Series 23: Documentary Film and Society
10-07SCOM Talk Series 22: My Higher Education Ideals and Visions on HSMC Development
01-28BJC Talk Series 21: Are You Ready?
12-03BJC Talk Series 20: Press Freedom at Risk
11-26BJC Talk Series 19: Talents and Career
10-15BJC Talk Series 18: Creativity and Development in TV Broadcasting Industry
04-09BJC Talk Series 17: My Life in Chinese Society
02-19BJC Talk Series 16: From Reporting to Being Reported: Changing Dynamics of Public Affairs over Thirty Years
11-21BJC Talk Series 15: Governance and Policy-making in a Society with Pluralistic Demands
11-19BJC Talk Series 14: Pursuit of Happiness
11-13BJC Talk Series 13: The Way to be a Media Multitasker
11-06BJC Talk Series 12: Taiwan-Hong Kong Relations: a Taste of
10-30BJC Talk Series 11: Politics and Communication: Strategies and Practices
10-16BJC Talk Series 10: A Sharing of Corporation Communication Industry
10-09BJC Talk Series 9: A Sharing of Professional Ethical Standards Among Newspaper Industry
05-08BJC Talk Series 8: Debate, Communication and Education
05-06BJC Talk Series 7: A Sharing of Anchoring Experience
04-24BJC Talk Series 6: Financial PR in Greater China, a prosperous industry 
12-12BJC Talk Series 5: Crisis Management: The Importance of Communication in Enterprises
12-05BJC Talk Series 4: Radio Broadcasting as a Platform for Social Discussion
10-31BJC Talk Series 3: Importance of Effective Communications in Corporate Governance
10-24BJC Talk Series 2: Popular Culture and Hong Kong Society
10-03BJC Talk Series 1: Analysis on the 18th National Congress