SCOM Talk Show

SCOM Talk Show ep27: Mr Albert Au

“Set a clear goal and don’t follow the crowd. We usually can’t follow a straight line to reach our goals. Sometimes we learn to roll with punches, sometimes we grope our way across the river but do not forget to uphold your belief.” In an era of speedy technological developments, young musicians can share their creative works via various kinds of online platforms with the world. Mr Albert Au, a well-known musician with his folk music, has witnessed ups and downs of the local music industry for nearly half of the century while upholding his music style without following the crowd. How did he first enter the industry? What are his points of view on the development, opportunities and prospects of young musicians and the music industry? Let’s watch Albert’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep26: Professor KC Chan

“The only constant in life is change. Stop thinking that the previous generation had a better life than this generation. It is more important to seize opportunities that you currently have and look at uncertainty in a positive light, then you will gain more opportunities in future.” cryptos and VirtualBanking are hot topics in the financial industry in recent years. People consider them as revolutionary changes in the global financial system. Professor KC Chan, former Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, however sees cryptos merely theorising. He thinks it is not feasible to trade with cryptos in practice as the transaction cost is extremely high without governments or central banks acting as intermediaries to maintain the stability. Regarding virtual banks, Professor Chan reckons that there is no need for people to mythicise them, as they just function as traditional banks except that they do not have physical branches. What do you think about these? Let’s watch Professor Chan’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep25: Dr Joseph Ting Sun-pao

“Learn from history. You can avoid repeating same mistakes and find a way out.”

What happened in 751AD? Is Happy Valley a euphemism for cemeteries? How can a painting tell us the history of Hong Kong?
History connects the past to the future. Take history as a mirror and one can see the rise and fall, and thus plan for the future. Dr Joseph Ting Sun-pao, a renowned Hong Kong historian, is an expert in ancient and modern history of the world. By leading tours to cemeteries, he introduces Hong Kong history to the public in a different way. To him, what is the meaning of history? How does he see the government collecting art pieces for exhibition with an exorbitant price? Check out Dr Ting’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep24: Mr Bosco Ng

“ ‘If you go fast, go alone; if you go far, go together.’ Independent learning allows fast growth; yet if you want to promote social missions, that requires people from different ethnicities and backgrounds to take action together.”

Hong Kong takes pride in its culturaldiversity, yet there is still room for further promotion and education on racial harmony. Mr Bosco Ng, Founder and Director of WEDO GLOBAL, has witnessed circumstances where ethnic minorities in Hong Kong have come across discrimination of different types, driving him to set up a social enterprise with friends and dedicate himself to promoting multi-cultural education. What motivates him to bridge between different cultures? What difficulties are Hong Kong social enterprises facing? Check out Bosco’s story now!

SCOM Talk Show ep23: Ms Candy Chea

“Respect is the foundation of communication. Don’t go too far when you get along with others. ‘Leave some words unsaid; leave some battles unwon. A friend is always better than a foe because you never know when you will meet again.”

There is a saying that success is thirty percent of inspiration and seventy percent of perspiration, which truly reflects in experienced broadcaster Ms Candy Chea’s story. Now a prominent figure in the history of broadcasting, she has once surprisingly lost performing opportunities due to her heavy Hakkanese accent when speaking Cantonese, as she was brought up in a Hakkanese family. Following her sister’s advice that “one can achieve anything with effort”, she then made a lot of effort to train up herself, grasped every opportunity to innovate and make changes, and finally realised her goal of being a DJ. Check out Ms Chea’s story now!

SCOM Talk Show ep22: Mr Lo Bing-chung

“When we are about to say goodbye to the world, we will think of the meaning of life. Are there any regrets? Have I made any achievements? It would be quite sad if we leave with regrets. Therefore, don’t waste time. Spend time on what you are truly interested in. Give a better meaning to your life.”

Whenever there is a PR crisis, there is an occasion for public relations talents to show their intelligence and splendid diplomatic skills. We are honoured to have Mr Lo Bing-chung, a media veteran with over 30 years of professional PR experience and the Founder of Brothers & Sisters In Christ Foundation, share how he handled crises over the years with his expertise in the PR area. After retiring from the industry, he has set up a self-funded charity that realises the wishes of late-stage patients to experience the lessonoflife. Check out Mr Lo’s story now!

SCOM Talk Show ep21: Mr Jasper Tsang

“Young people have got to be brave to take up challenges while they also need to cultivate the wisdom of knowing the best time to advance and retreat.”

We are honoured to have Mr Jasper Tsang, former President of the Legislative Council, share his perspectives on Hong Kong education as well as strategies of the Central Government and Hong Kong Government to the city. Mr Tsang points out that social conflicts can only be solved if the HKSAR government rekindles young people’s hope by responding to society’s needs. He also reminds young generations to grasp every opportunity when pursing their dreams instead of being “slaves of a single goal”. Check out Mr Tsang’s story now!

SCOM Talk Show ep20: Dr Moses Cheng

“There is no fairy tale-like success in reality. You have to make achievements with your own efforts and work step by step in an earnest way. Get well prepared and seize the opportunities when the time comes to develop further.”

We are honoured to have Dr Moses Cheng, Chairman of the Council of HSUHK and Chairman of Insurance Authority, analyse the prospect of Hong Kong as well as the insurance industry, and share his view on the current situation of the young generation. Among all the countless public service positions he has held, he sees devoting to the education field as the most meaningful because he can contribute to society further through education. During his communications with young people, he thinks that despite their discontent with the current society, it is more important for them to transform the discontent into positive force to make changes. Check out Dr Cheng’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep19: Mr Marco Fu

“I think success and failure are only words. We can learn much from them and transform failure into a golden chance to make yourself successful next time. On the other hand, if you stop reviewing yourself after success, you may fail in the future.”

We are honoured to have Mr Marco Fu, a professional snooker player known as “Wonderkid”, share his view on the increasing popularity of snooker and his personal story of being a professional athlete. Fond of playing snooker since he was small, Marco became an awarded professional snooker player at a young age. However, his career was suspended due to an eye disease a few years ago. How did he face adversity? By establishing the Master Snooker Kingdom, Hong Kong’s first snooker school for children, what does he think about the popularisation of snooker? Check out Marco’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep18: Dr Rebecca Lee

“There must be setbacks in life and how you withstand the test of trials and tribulations is of utmost importance. Perseverance, persistence and well preparation are the keys to realise your dream.”

We are honoured to have Dr Rebecca Lee, Founder of Polar Museum Foundation, share her views on global warming and environmental education. Having dreamt of travelling around the world since she was young, Dr Lee well prepared herself and became the first female explorer who had completed the “Three Poles Challenge”. She also managed to visit the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest four times. Witnessing the ever worsening situation of the Earth, Dr Lee commits herself to protecting the Earth. Check out Dr Lee’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep17: Vivek Mahbubani

“There is a saying in the book The Art of the Start, ‘Make meaning, not money.’ It reminds us to create meaning for our life rather than merely making money. When you think you are doing something meaningful, you will attract others who share similar thoughts with you to come to support you.”

We are honoured to have Vivek Mahbubani, a renowned Indian stand-up comedian, share how he delivers his interesting views on life through comedy. His unfailing muse of creation comes from daily life, in which his special identity as an Indian Hongkonger adds much laughter and joy for his stage! Diagnosed with lymphoma after graduating from university, Vivek has had a great lesson from his fight against the disease, learning that he should grasp opportunities and lose no time. To him, a tough experience today will turn to a unique story that he can proudly share with others in the future. Check out Vivek’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep16: Mr Wong Kam-po

“Do not put down your feet. Step forward and feel it by yourself. Let experience tell you what success and failure are and learn to appreciate yourself and others when pursuing your dream.”

We are honoured to have Mr Wong Kam-po, former member of the Hong Kong Cycling Team, share his personal story and his view on the development of professional athletes in Hong Kong. Dubbed as the “Asian Cycling Legend”, Wong has won the gold medal in the Asian Games’ cycling competition for three times. After retiring from the athletic field, he has experienced ups and downs in different positions in his career and life. To him, having a positive and humble attitude is more important than getting great achievement. Check out Mr Wong’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep15: Mr Francis Yuen

“Young people should have a dream. Dreambigger. Aim higher. You will get a chance to succeed only if your dream is big enough.”

We are honoured to have Mr Francis Yuen, Independent Non-Executive Deputy Chairman of Pacific Century Premium Developments Ltd., share his analysis on Hong Kong’s current situation, China-USA rivalry and his views on the prospect of young people. While he considers that the rivalry between China and the US is all words and no action, Hong Kong should take this opportunity to strengthen its international financial position in the world by re-identifying its own strengths and weaknesses. Dedicating to education, Mr Yuen encourages the young people to think from different perspectives, transform challenges into motivation and keep an eye on the future. Check out Mr Yuen’s sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep14: Dr Ko Wing-man

“Whether your stance is ‘yellow’, ‘blue’ or ‘green’, we, as doctors, should treat our patients regardless of their races and political stances. We should not jeopardise the interests of patients.”

We are honoured to have Dr Ko Wing-man, Former Secretary for Food and Health, sharing his career journey and his views on the medical systems in Hong Kong and the Mainland. From an orthopaedist to the head of the Food and Health Bureau, Dr Ko has dedicated to the fight against SARS and the reform of the healthcare system. What were the special experiences in his life? What does he think about Hong Kong’s current medical system, anti-pandemic measures and training of health professionals? Check our Dr Ko’s sharing NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep13: Professor Stephen Cheung

“A university certificate is just an ‘entry ticket’ to society that kick-starts the competition after graduation. Young people of this generation need to keep upgrading themselves through lifelong learning and grasp every single opportunity.”

We are honoured to have Professor Stephen Cheung, President of The Education University of Hong Kong, be the guest of this episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. He shares his views on the challenges that Hong Kong education is facing and the criteria and responsibilities of teachers. He points out that as time goes by, the status of teacher nowadays is no longer as authoritative as in the past, creating greater challenges to them. Compared with academic capability, Professor Cheung thinks that positive attitude, kindness and patience weigh more and are the requisites for being a good teacher. In view of university education going from being meritocratic to universal, he encourages graduates to keep learning and grasp every opportunity to keep abreast of a changing world. Check out his sharing now!

SCOM Talk Show ep12: Lawrence Cheng

“Life is full of ups and downs. What is interesting is that you can find treasure at every low point. The rewards that you gain at rock bottom are no less than that in the prime of your life.”

We are honoured to have Mr Lawrence Cheng, a cross-media veteran, be the guest of this episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series, sharing his memorable stories in the creative experience and in his life. During his entertainment career, he dares to innovate and embrace challenges with holding his belief firmly, “do what others don’t do and blaze a trail in it”. Influenced by his father profoundly during his growth, he understands the value of life, upholds positive attitudes and learn to be a well-behaved person. “Learn to be a man before you put on a play” has become his motto when training young artists. Check out his sharing now!


SCOM Talk Show ep11: Julian Law

“Growing up is the process of knowing your true self. You need to keep asking yourself what your aspiration is and whether you are still going for this, for finding the way that suits you.” We are honoured to have Mr Julian Law, a renowned public affairs and public relations consultant, be the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. He shares his views on the performance of the government’s public relations work and the spread of populist ideas on social media in recent years. He also talks about how he pursued his #dream of being a journalist. Encouraging young people to find a path that they really like, Mr Law thinks that everything can be an #opportunity for making dreams come true. Check out Mr Law’s stories NOW!


SCOM Talk Show ep10: Bernard Charnwut CHAN

“When you go through hard times, try not to grumble but accept and face them. Then you will find a way out.”

The School of Communication’s Talk Show series proudly returns! We are honored to have Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan, Convenor of the Executive Council, be the guest of the latest episode. He talks about his views on Hong Kong’s social and economic landscapes as well as its prospect, understanding that issues brought about by the integration between Hong Kong and Mainland China have led to people’s discontent towards the government. He also suggests youngsters to grasp the opportunity and learn more about the Mainland market before deciding on their future paths. In addition, sharing his lifelong fight against a rare disease, Mr Chan encourages the young to face adversities with courage and embark on their own journey. Check out Mr Chan’s sharing NOW!

HSUHK SCOM Talk Show Returns

The SCOM Talk Show by the School of Communication has received overwhelming response since its launch. In the coming episodes, Professor Scarlet Tso, Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs) and Dean of the School of Communication, and Professor Ronald Chiu, Professor (Practice) of the School of Communication, will continue to invite prestigious guests from various sectors to enlighten and encourage young talents who are in pursuit of their goals. Esteemed guests interviewed include Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan, Mr Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui, Mr Julian Law Wing Chung, Mr Vivek Mahbubani, Mr Wong Kam-po and more!

 Stay tuned for the next episode coming up on 24 February 2021.

SCOM Talk Show ep9: President Simon Ho

“As a university president, I have to hold onto core values such as academic freedom, university autonomy, and universal values like liberty, human rights, equality and justice. A university should show support to these values and defend against possible erosion of such values.” We are honoured to have Professor Simon Ho, President of the HSUHK, be the guest of the finale of this season’s The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. Sharing his education philosophy and expectation on our next generation, President Ho recalls his learning experience in the US and the UK and encourages youngsters to open their minds and explore opportunities beyond Hong Kong. He also reminds young people to comply with laws and respect others in pursuit of liberty. Drawing an analogy to the characters of bamboo, he wishes that the young generation will grow and learn with a modest heart and be able to stand firm in face of adversities. Check out President Ho’s sharing NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep8:  Dr Lam Tai Fai

“You should not label oneself as ‘yellow’ or ‘blue’ first and foremost. Putting yourself in others’ shoes, being tolerant and accommodating and upholding positive thinking are crucial to solve a problem.” We are honoured to have Dr Lam Tai-fai, Council Chairman of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, as the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. Dr Lam sheds light on the development of sports, the education system and the obstacles faced by the young people in Hong Kong, He also shares about how to solve problems and communicate with various sectors, thinking that we have to put ourselves in others’ shoes, be tolerant and accommodating, and analyse an issue from different perspectives to find a consensus and solution. Check out Dr Lam’s sharing NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep7: Shih Wing-ching

“I think it is hard for society to accommodate your needs. You need to adapt yourself to changes in the environment.” We are honoured to have Mr Shih Wing-ching, the founder of Centaline Group, be the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. Mr Shih shares his views on the prospect of Hong Kong young people, as well as the education, property and future development of Hong Kong. He thinks that the society should not overly accommodate the young, rather the young should adapt to the changes in the environment. He also encourages the young to seize every opportunity and embrace changes in pursuit of their dreams, reminding them not to see property ownership as a sole benchmark of life achievement. Check out Mr Shih’s sharing NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep6: Lam Woon Kwong

“You cannot be right all the time. Sometimes we make mistakes or go the wrong way. But you can be good all the time.” We are honoured to have Mr Lam Woon-kwong, the former Convenor of the Executive Council, be the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. Mr Lam shares his unforgettable experiences during his 40-year work in public service and his way to get along with the young generation. He mentions his story about handling the project of land resumption and squatter clearance in Tsuen Wan when he first joined the Government, and how it came to a consensus after rounds of objections from residents. From this experience he understands the key point to deal with contradictions is that the person in charge shall not take a stand. Talking about the young people, Mr Lam reminds us to be in their shoes and hopes the youngsters would be good-hearted all the time. Check out his story NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep5:  Professor Frederick Ma

“Poverty can be a downward spiral or a driving force to move upward. It depends on how you tackle it. I have had many setbacks in my life but I uphold the principle of ‘never give up’. I must do my best and never surrender.” We are honoured to have Professor Frederick Ma, Chairman of the Council of The Education University of Hong Kong, to be the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. After having served in various senior positions across business, political and education sectors, he is committed to promoting character education in recent years. What characters does he think the young generation should have to be our future leaders? At the brink of life and death years ago, how did the unexpected illness enlighten him? Check out Professor Ma’s story NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep4: Alison Yu

“When facing the difficulties in our lives, the most important thing is to recognise our weaknesses and figure out how to improve. I always remember a saying, ‘Managing our emotions before dealing with other issues’.” We are honoured to have Ms Alison Yu, Hong Kong Wheelchair Fencer, to be the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. She shares the experience of getting along with the young generation, and the ups and downs of her athletic career. She also encourages youngsters not to be afraid of failures and learn from them. Check out Ms Alison Yu’s touching story NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep3: Professor Joseph Sung

“Do not say ‘Each generation is worse than the last’. It should be ‘Each generation is DIFFERENT from the last’. We should not apply the same old standard to evaluate the youngsters today.” We are honoured to have Professor Joseph Sung, Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, to be the guest of the latest episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series. He encourages youngster to open their mind and grab the opportunities to explore the world. He also calls for the society to give more opportunities and support to the youth.

SCOM Talk Show ep2: Quince Chong

“If you stay positive, with a heart always willing to learn and upgrade yourself, you will not lose. Remember, ‘Learn to appreciate, always be thankful’.” Here comes the 2nd episode of The School of Communication’s Talk Show series! We are honoured to have Ms Quince Chong, Chief Corporate Development Officer of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, share her experiences in corporate crisis management. She appreciates the creativity of the young people in this Internet era and encourages them to grasp the chance, explore the world and create a bright future for the communications industry with new thinking. With positive attitude, they can even lead Hong Kong to open a new era. Let’s check out Ms Chong’s sharing NOW!

SCOM Talk Show ep1:  Professor Gabriel Leung

“The strengths and uniqueness of the young people in Hong Kong are inherent and are something that their peers in China and overseas dream of. How to make good use of these advantages relies on our young ‘#dreammaker’ ”. The School of Communication’s new talk show series is officially launched! We are honoured to have Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, as the guest of the first episode to share his views on youth’s social mobility. He encouraged the young people to grasp their own advantages and opportunities in the Greater Bay Area to build the future of Hong Kong. Check out the video NOW!

The School of Communication is going to launch a new talk show series “SCOM Talk Show”

The School of Communication is going to launch a new talk show series “恒傳感言”, co-hosted by Professor Scarlet Tso, Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs) and Dean of the School of Communication, and Professor Ronald Chiu, Professor (Practice) of the School of Communication. In each episode, a prestigious guest will share his/her life and work with the aim of fostering learning and inspirations among young talents.