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School of Communication

School Facilities

SCOM Facilities

The School of Communication provides professional media training for future multi-media journalists and corporate communication officers. It has allocated a large amount of resources to acquire state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and learning such as the Cinema and TV Production Centre, the Radio Broadcasting Studio, the Editing Room, the Multimedia Training Centre and the Radio Broadcast Training Centre.

SCOM Cinema and TV Production Centre

The SCOM Cinema and TV Production Centre consists of one Studio, two Control Rooms and one TV Workshop Room. The Centre is set up with three professional studio cameras with autocue, numerous lighting, audio equipment and computer graphics (CG) equipment, which enables students to work on their assignments under the supervision of Technical Officers. Some broadcast equipment such as portable cameras and microphones is available for booking by students for use throughout the academic year.

Radio Broadcast Studio

The Radio Broadcast Studio includes one Audio Control Room and one Sound Booth. The Studio is equipped with three computers with professional sound recording software, a professional mixer and several microphones. In order to ensure a professional recording standard, soundproofing techniques are applied in the Studio.

Non-linear Editing Room

The Non-Linear Editing Room assists with TV Production courses and SCOM events for make-up and tidying up.
Two sets of computers are provided with video, audio, typesetting, and graphic editing software installed to enable students to work on post-production assignments.

Multimedia Training Centre

The Centre provides professional equipment for editing, typesetting, and production training. There are 30 sets of computers and one connected to a projector to provide a whole-room view of what is on its screen.

Radio Broadcast Training Centre

Radio Broadcast Training Centre has been set up in the Lecture Room, Audio Recording Room, and Live Streaming Lab.
The Center simulates the work environment of a standard radio station, which is essential to developing student’s broadcasting skills.
The Lecture Room for lecturing with real-time broadcasts of the activities in the Audio Recording Rooms.

Live Streaming Lab provided the equipment for video recording and live streaming to social media platforms (such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live, etc.) by using powerful encoding software and hardware platforms, multi-cameras, and live production streaming technology.

TV Lab

Outside the SCOM Cinema & TV Production Centre is the TV Lab, which provides an audio-visual broadcasting platform on campus for exhibition of the School’s and SCOM students’ production works, including issues of the School newspaper “Enlightenment Post”, outstanding graphic and video projects of students, and talk shows produced by the School.

Media and Communication Lab

The Media and Communication Lab is equipped with 35 sets of Apple iMac workstations to support teaching and learning of media and communication technology. Students can make use of the industry-standard hardware and software to acquire hands-on experience in web design, photo/video editing and mobile apps development.