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Mr So King Hang, a reporter of Radio Television Hong Kong and the Host of City Forum, gave a sharing at SCOM Talk Series 34 on 14 Nov 2018. Mr So shared quotes by Mr Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple Inc, at his Stanford University Commencement speech in 2005, to encourage students […]

The 2018 Conference on the Development of Business Journalism and Corporate Communication Education in Mainland, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong, co-organised by the Centre for Greater China Studies (CGCS) and the School […]

Students from the School of Communication (SCOM) of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) won a total of six prizes in the 2018 China Daily Campus Newspaper Awards. The achievements are encouraging, signifying the profession’s high recognition of students’ learning outcomes and their ability to put knowledge into practice. This year, 724 entries […]

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