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SCOM Talk Show ep51: Ms Gigi Tung

“While extracting resources from earth, I hope we also give back to it. Not to waste food, and care for people in need every day – small acts like these are meaningful, and can already contribute to the planet.” 

The School of Communication (SCOM) presents the latest episode of SCOM Talk Show (恒傳感言). Ms Gigi Tung (董愛麗), Founder of Food Angel, set up the first food rescue and food assistance programme in Hong Kong over 10 years ago. She endeavors to recover edible surplus food and reprocess it into nutritious meals for the needy. What has been the biggest challenge for the programme since its implementation? How should the government work better with social welfare organisations in food rescue? How do we maximise our efforts to reduce waste at source? Let’s watch Ms Tung‘s sharing now.

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