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SCOM Talk Show ep52: Dr Connie Wong

“I believe everyone is born with passion; where we dedicate our passion becomes where our dream lies, and the dream is only a starting point. When you go for it, your goal becomes your mission. As a pianist, I’d like to express my blessings to society and others through my experience and interaction with people.”

The School of Communication (SCOM) presents to you the latest episode of SCOM Talk Show (恒傳感言). Dr Connie Wong (黃愛恩博士), the three-fingered pianist, was born with only three normal fingers, yet she has a soft spot for piano. Now an accomplished pianist and piano teacher, she has overcome many physical and mental limitations to come this far. How does her experience inspire her students and people around her? Having studied in the US specialising in African-American music, what are her views towards today’s Cantopop music development and integration of music all over the world? Let’s watch Dr Wong‘s sharing now.