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SCOM Talk Show ep57: Mr. Mohamed Butt

“Innovation and Technology (I&T) is about not only setting up start-ups, but also encouraging young people to embrace their dreams, to dare to try, and to get started early.”

The School of Communication (SCOM) presents to you the latest episode of SCOM Talk Show (恒傳感言). Mr Mohamed Butt (畢堅文先生), Executive Director of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), dedicates himself to enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s industries. In his opinion, how do we further promote the development of innovation & technology (I&T) in Hong Kong? What is the role of Hong Kong’s I&T in the development of the Greater Bay Area? What can Hong Kong do to cope with the shortage of I&T talents? What qualities should young people possess if they wish to pursue a career in the I&T industry? Let’s watch Mr Butt’s sharing now.