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SCOM Talk Series #45 創出名堂 — 我的導演夢

SCOM Talk Series #45

 The School of Communication held SCOM Talk Series #45 on 1 December 1 2022, with the director of the film “Hong Kong Family”, Mr. Tsang Hing Weng Eric, as the guest speaker to share with the attending students and staff how he had realised his dream of becoming a film director and what experience he had had in creating many of his works over the ten years since he graduated from university.

“Hong Kong Family” (2022) is the debut feature film of Mr. Tsang. The film was the award-winning project of the 5th First Feature Film Initiative and was shortlisted in Busan International Film Festival and Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. It was also voted the Audience’s Choice in the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. His achievements today can be said to be the result of his continuous efforts in the past ten years.

Mr. Tsang recalled that when he was studying at the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he was already eager to use videos to record his thoughts and feelings about life and society. After graduation in 2012, he did not find a full-time job. Instead, he embarked on his exploratory journey by starting to shoot documentaries. Later, he also began to create short films and participated in different competitions. After winning awards in competitions, he had opportunities to participate in film festivals overseas, which in return broadened his horizons and network of contacts. He then brought back his experience to Hong Kong and began to contribute his experience and exposures to grooming young people to become a new generation of directors. Now he has set up a video company himself, which is poised to be a partner of business corporations and produces videos for them.

Speaking of his new film “Hong Kong Family”, Mr. Tsang told the audience that he started planning the project some five years ago, using the story of his own family as the blueprint. To take the project forward, he applied to the 5th First Feature Film Initiative and successfully obtained funding for it. This marked the beginning of his road to success in becoming a film director.

During the talk, Mr. Tsang also screened the video clips of many of his works produced from his university years to his recent days. Apart from his creative career, he also shared a lot of creative ideas and storytelling techniques with the audience. He frankly said that he had also lived in a subdivided cubicle and delivered food for a living. Yet he saw those experiences as parts of life. Finally, he encouraged students to find out what they want to achieve, be brave to feel life, and then gear up to work hard to attain their goals as long as they are young enough to accept challenges.


Professor Scarlet Tso, Dean of School of Communication, presents a souvenir to Mr. Tsang.


Group photo of Mr. Tsang and participants.


Ms. Doris Law, moderator of the talk, has a chit-chat session with Mr. Tsang.


Mr. Tsang screened video clips of different productions to elaborate on his creative journey.