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Joint School Advisory Committees Meeting cum Retreat of School of Communication of AY2022/23

On August 12, 2023, the School of Communication arranged its annual Joint School Advisory Committees Meeting and Retreat at the Royal Plaza Hotel for the 2022/23 academic year. The event drew the School’s academic staff, External Advisors, External Examiners, and newly joined Part-time Lecturers who came together to evaluate the School’s progress in the preceding year and contemplate potential plans for the future.

Professor Scarlet Tso, the Dean of the School of Communication, provided a comprehensive summary of the School’s accomplishments throughout the past year, highlighting aspects such as program development, school events, student admission, and awards received by students.

As the event was attended by guests and new part-time teachers, Professor Ronald Chiu, the School’s Associate Dean, introduced each guest and faculty member in turn, facilitating a better understanding of each other. Additionally, the guest attendees were encouraged to impart their views and suggestions related to teaching, learning, potential opportunities for the School, and future expansion plans. The Advisors also offered several constructive recommendations to enhance teaching and learning outcomes, complemented by sharing their own experiences from the business and educational sectors.

Guided by Professor Ronald Chiu, the discussion touched on four significant topics: “The Application and Impact of Emerging Technologies like AI, including ChatGPT in University Education”, “Strategies to Foster Integration between Local and Non-local Students in Classroom Teaching”, “Exploiting Industry Collaborations to Boost Fundraising Capabilities of Academic Institutes” and “Methodologies to Amplify Student Competitiveness in Current Societal Context”. The insight shared during this dialogue was of significant value to the School. Summing up, Professor Tso pledged that the pertinent committees of the School would undertake a comprehensive assessment of the suggestions given, with an aim to refine pedagogical approaches, student enrollment procedures, and overall program enhancement.

The meeting came to a pleasant close with a festive initiation ceremony at the event location.


Professor Scarlet Tso, Dean of School of Communication, provided a comprehensive summary of the School’s accomplishments throughout the past year.


Guests and academic staff gathered happily.


Guests and academic staff share their views in the discussion session.


After the meeting, the guests and academic staff enjoyed lunch together.


 Guests and academic staff took a group photo.