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New Student Orientation 2023/24 of School of Communication

With the start of the new school year approaching, the School of Communication (SCOM) organized New Student Orientation Sessions themed ‘We Are Different!’ for the 2023/24 entrants on 15 and 24 August 2022. The participants included Year 1 to 3 undergraduates.

Professor Scarlet Tso, Dean of the School of Communication, delivered a warm welcome speech to new students, introducing them to the distinct modules offered by the school. Professor Tso emphasized that the modules in the School of Communication are comprehensive and progressive, providing students with unique opportunities to prepare themselves for future social engagement. She encouraged the new students to make full use of the resources available to them and to thoroughly enjoy campus life.

During the event, various programme directors provided detailed information on programme curriculum, academic regulations, summer internships, and graduation requirements, helping new students plan their learning journey in advance. To give students a better understanding of the school’s academic and campus life, several senior students were invited to share their experiences and offer some practical hints. After the sharing session, new students posted their expectations for campus life on the Life Tree.

Lastly, new students had the opportunity to explore the school’s facilities. This event not only deepened their understanding of the School of Communication but also laid a foundation for their future learning and growth.


Senior Lecturers of SCOM Dr Dr Sobel Chan and Ms Doris Law serve as the hosts of the Orientation Sessions for undergraduate students.


Dean of SCOM Professor Scarlet Tso delivers a welcome speech and introduces the unique Programmes and opportunities offered by SCOM.


SCOM teachers and students take a group photo.


New students visit SCOM’s facilities.


The new students posted their expectations for campus life on the Life Tree.