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SCOM Talk Show ep66: Hon. Jeffrey Kin-fung Lam, GBS, JP

Mr. Jeffrey Kin Fung Lam, who serves as a non-official member of the Executive Council and a member of the Legislative Council, also holds leadership roles in multiple business organisations. As a representative of the business sector, he believes that Hong Kong still needs to import between 100,000 and 200,000 talents in order to meet its future development needs. To attract these talents, he has suggested that efforts should be stepped up, such as exempting buyers who have lived in Hong Kong for less than seven years from Buyer Stamp Duty, with the goal of encouraging them to settle in Hong Kong.

In recent years, many Hong Kong residents have emigrated overseas, a trend that Mr. Lam believes to be largely driven by rumors. However, considering the high and ever-increasing cost of living in many foreign countries, along with the difficulty in finding jobs, he expects that a large number of these Hong Kong emigrants will return within six months.