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SCOM Talk Show ep76: Mr. Harold Yip

Mil Mill  Co-founder Harold Yip: Pros and Cons of Waste Charging for Recycling Industry
Concerns over Citizens Shifting Waste Charging Responsibility to Recyclers

As Hong Kong will introduce municipal waste charging on April 1, questions arise regarding its impact on the recycling industry. Harold Yip,  Co-founder of Hong Kong’s first drinks-carton recycler Mil Mill ,  pointed out that while the policy can encourage citizens to adopt recycling habits, he expressed concerns that citizens might resort to disposing of non-recyclable waste in recycling bins to avoid waste charging, ultimately transferring the responsibility to recyclers.

Regarding the academic background required for a career in the recycling industry, Yip emphasized that it involves a wide array of knowledge, including material handling, logistics systems, supply chains, product design, and marketing. He highlighted that the key is not the specific academic field but rather an individual’s mentality and interests.