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SCOM Talk Show ep80: Rosanna Law

Rosanna Law
Permanent Secretary for Housing / Director of Housing
Hong Kong Housing Director Warns Against Sacrificing Income for Public Housing

During a recent appearance on the SCOM Talk Show, Rosanna Law Shuk Pui, the Director of Housing, addressed concerns regarding public housing policies, emphasizing the importance of not compromising financial stability to qualify for housing assistance. Law, responsible for overseeing public housing initiatives in a city where 45% of the population resides in public housing, shared her perspective on various topics.

Law highlighted the government’s goal of promoting upward mobility and homeownership opportunities. She advised against compromising one’s income or ambition to meet public housing eligibility, encouraging individuals to focus on career growth and financial advancement instead. She emphasized the value of hard work and perseverance in achieving the milestone of homeownership as a significant life accomplishment for young citizens.

Alongside her professional duties, she revealed her interests in cooking and attending concerts as ways to relax from the demands of her role. Earlier, Law revealed she is a fan of local boy band Mirror’s Ian Chan Cheuk-yin and became a hot topic, to which she expressed difficulty in understanding: “Why does saying it seem like discovering a new continent, it feels so strange.”