SCOM Talk Show ep26: Professor KC Chan

“The only constant in life is change. Stop thinking that the previous generation had a better life than this generation. It is more important to seize opportunities that you currently have and look at uncertainty in a positive light, then you will gain more opportunities in future.”


SCOM Talk Show ep24: Mr Bosco Ng

 “ ‘If you go fast, go alone; if you go far, go together.’ Independent learning allows fast growth; yet if you want to promote social missions, that requires people from different ethnicities and backgrounds to take action together.”

SCOM Talk Show ep23: Ms Candy Chea

“Respect is the foundation of communication. Don’t go too far when you get along with others. ‘Leave some words unsaid; leave some battles unwon. A friend is always better than a foe because you never know when you will meet again.”

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