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SCOM Talk Series 39: Public Relations Professionals’ Challenges amid COVID-19, Case Studies and Our Way Forward

26 November 2020

The School of Communication held the 39th SCOM Talk Series online through live broadcast on November 26, 2020. Ms Elaine Chan, the Co-founder and General Manager of iGen6, was invited to be the guest speaker. The response to the Talk was overwhelming, with more than 200 students and teachers in attendance.

Having worked in various leading corporations, Ms Chan has extensive experience in public relations. She gave an overview of the challenges the PR industry is currently facing under the pandemic and examined in depth the crisis management methods of the PR departments of various institutions. From the case studies, she illustrated the qualities and capabilities necessary to become a successful PR professional.

During the Q&A and chit-chat session, Ms Chan shared words of encouragement with students of the School. While every industry is dealing with unprecedented hurdles because of the epidemic, in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunities. She encouraged students to seize opportunities and work harder to equip themselves under the epidemic.


SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 1
Ms Glacial Cheng, Senior Lecturer of the School of Communication, serves as the MC of the talk.
SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 2
Professor Scarlet Tso, Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs) and Dean of the School of Communication, delivers a welcome speech.
SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 3
Guest speaker of SCOM Talk Series 39: Ms Elaine Chan.
SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 4
Ms Chan (right) and Ms Cheng examine the challenges that the PR industry is currently facing.
SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 5
Professor Tso (left) presents a souvenir to Ms Chan.
SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 6
Group photo of Professor Scarlet Tso (left), Ms Elaine Chan (middle) and Ms Glacial Cheng.
SCOM Talk Series 39_photo 7
Group photo of attending teachers and students via the online platform.