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SCOM Talk Series #47 香港電視劇、電影及串流劇集的創作思維

SCOM Talk Series #47

 Mr. Chu Kang Ki, Assistant Creative Director of Television Broadcast Limited was invited to speak to students of the School of Communication at SCOM Talk Series #47 on February 23. He shared his 30 years of experience as a renowned and veteran scriptwriter in the film and television industry. At the talk, Mr. Chu enlightened students with the techniques of pitching story ideas to television management and actors. He also highlighted the characteristics of drama series distributed on streaming platform.

Mr. Chu explained the workflow in detail on how to complete a 20-episode TV drama series. The team would determine the theme and genre of the story and then establish the character relationship table and the main storyline and conduct research to determine the scene breakdown of each episode of the script. Each scriptwriter would then write their own part, and the script supervisor would revise and unify the coherence of the scripts.

During the sharing session, Mr. Chu explained the way to pitch the story ideas to senior management. He would tie the story to current social issues and about the community concerns and went in line with market trend. When pitching the story to actors, the writer should understand the actor’s life history first and their previous acting roles. He joked that writing the biography of drama characters for actors to accept playing was like writing a ‘love letter’ to impress lovers.

The students found the talk beneficial, especially in regard to job interview skills for scriptwriters. They expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn from Mr. Chu’s extensive experience in the industry.


Professor Trevor Y T Siu, School of Communication, presents a souvenir to Mr. Chu.


Dr. Sobel Chan Ka Lok, moderator of the talk, has a chit-chat session with Mr. Chu.


Mr. Chu shares the technique of pitching ideas to the senior management of television station and veteran actors.


Student raises a question for Mr. Chu.