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SCOM Talk Show ep84: Tommy Lau

Direction Association For the Handicapped plans to resume wheelchair float parade next year, Chairperson Tommy Lau aims to promote alternative tourism

Hong Kong is actively promoting tourism events. Tommy Lau, Chairperson of the Direction Association For the Handicapped, disclosed during the SCOM Talk Show at the School of Communication that the Association will host a wheelchair float parade in March next year.

The Association has extended invitations to disabled individuals from various regions to participate, with the aim of promoting alternative tourism. Lau expressed, “While able-bodied individuals can visit Hong Kong, why not also attract disabled individuals to travel here?” He highlighted that most physically disabled individuals acquire their disabilities after birth and have received education and possess skills prior to their injuries. Lau encourages people with disabilities not to lose hope, emphasizing, “Disabled individuals are not a burden, your skills can contribute to society.”