SCOM Talk Show ep42: Dr William Leung

"Be adaptable, or else you will never improve. Don’t drag your feet but try new approaches, even if you’re running in circles. If you ignore a problem, it will only snowball.”

SCOM Talk Show ep41: Prof. Richard Ho Man Wui

"A teacher said of me, ‘Knowing it is undoable but still doing it’. He said standard pronunciation movements seldom succeeded, but I still pursued it. Many things appear challenging, but you should pursue them if they are meaningful."

SCOM Talk Show ep40: Prof. Fredric Mao Chun Fai

"If you encounter something you are truly interested in, you must pay effort for it. Achievements don't just fall from heaven. I love acting, I have the talent, and I might feel great about myself. But this is not enough. I must work even harder."

SCOM Talk Show ep39: Mr. Cheung Chung Chiu

"We must not treat animals with violence. We must be loving and spend time on modifying their behaviour. This matters most. The key is to have authority, and at the same time to give it care, to love it, to let it know. If you keep communicating with your pet, it will obey you."

SCOM Talk Show ep38: Dr. Lam Ching Choi

"Most of the young people don't know what ageing is. When they become old or need to take care of the elderly, they will be perplexed. Thus, ageing should be included in our education curriculum."

SCOM Talk Show ep37: Mr. Li Kui Ming

"No matter how the world changes, we should do our part first. Maximise the benefit of learning to become a brilliant person."

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