SCOM Talk Show ep29: Mr. Wing-mo Leung

“As we are tormented by the pandemic and many other problems, we may be preoccupied with our current predicaments at the expense of ignoring the bigger crisis to come. The impact of climate change will be comparable to the pandemic. We must set our sight afar and try our best to deal with the bigger crisis.”

SCOM Talk Show ep27: Mr Albert Au

“Set a clear goal and don’t follow the crowd. We usually can’t follow a straight line to reach our goals. Sometimes we learn to roll with punches, sometimes we grope our way across the river but do not forget to uphold your belief.”

SCOM Talk Show ep26: Professor KC Chan

“The only constant in life is change. Stop thinking that the previous generation had a better life than this generation. It is more important to seize opportunities that you currently have and look at uncertainty in a positive light, then you will gain more opportunities in future.”

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