SCOM Talk Show ep24: Mr Bosco Ng

 “ ‘If you go fast, go alone; if you go far, go together.’ Independent learning allows fast growth; yet if you want to promote social missions, that requires people from different ethnicities and backgrounds to take action together.”

SCOM Talk Show ep23: Ms Candy Chea

“Respect is the foundation of communication. Don’t go too far when you get along with others. ‘Leave some words unsaid; leave some battles unwon. A friend is always better than a foe because you never know when you will meet again.”

SCOM Talk Show ep22: Mr Lo Bing-chung

“When we are about to say goodbye to the world, we will think of the meaning of life. Are there any regrets? Have I made any achievements? It would be quite sad if we leave with regrets. Therefore, don’t waste time. Spend time on what you are truly interested in. Give a better meaning to your life.”

SCOM Talk Show ep20: Dr Moses Cheng

“There is no fairy tale-like success in reality. You have to make achievements with your own efforts and work step by step in an earnest way. Get well prepared and seize the opportunities when the time comes to develop further.”

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