SCOM Talk Show ep36: Dr. Philip S.L. Beh

"In most cases, people couldn't decide when to die, nor could they choose the way to die. Stubborn people upset their families and colleagues for trivial matters. It isn't a matter of life and death, why should they do that?"

SCOM Talk Show ep35: Mr. Joseph Yam Chi-kwong

"Will the trade war become a financial war? Politics is hardly predictable. However, the impact is enormous if US cuts China from the dollar payment system.”

SCOM Talk Show ep34: Mr. Louis Yu Kwok-lit

"The threshold for the arts industry is not high in Hong Kong. The challenge facing the sector is how the artists express their ideas on one hand and industrialise their works on the other, spreading from minority to majority."

SCOM Talk Show ep33: Mr. Henry Fan Hung Ling

"The most urgent issue to be tackled is the sustainable development of the Hospital Authority. We could consider to boost the supply and lower the demand by a three-pronged strategy: narrowing upstream, collaborating downstream, and diverting midstream."

SCOM Talk Show ep32: Dr. Dennis Lam Shun-chiu

"We have asked many people - what would they be most afraid of if they were to have an ailment? One big worry is the loss of vision. I decided then that ophthalmology was a right choice for me."

SCOM Talk Show ep31: Ms. Gilly Wong Fung-han

“Some people are luckier than others. It may be smooth sailing for some and a bumpy ride for others. But whatever it is, time is fair to everyone. As long as you make the effort and stay positive, someday you will have accomplishments, whether big or small."

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