SCOM Talk Show ep10: Bernard Charnwut CHAN

“When you go through hard times, try not to grumble but accept and face them. Then you will find a way out.”

HSUHK SCOM Talk Show Returns

The SCOM Talk Show by the School of Communication has received overwhelming response since its launch. In the coming episodes, Professor Scarlet Tso, Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs) and Dean of the School of Communication, and Professor Ronald Chiu, Professor (Practice) of the School of Communication, will continue to invite prestigious guests from various sectors to enlighten and encourage young talents who are in pursuit of their goals.  

SCOM Talk Show ep9: President Simon Ho

“As a university president, I have to hold onto core values such as academic freedom, university autonomy, and universal values like liberty, human rights, equality and justice. A university should show support to these values and defend against possible erosion of such values.” 

SCOM Talk Show ep8:  Dr Lam Tai Fai

“You should not label oneself as ‘yellow’ or ‘blue’ first and foremost. Putting yourself in others’ shoes, being tolerant and accommodating and upholding positive thinking are crucial to solve a problem.” 

SCOM Talk Show ep7: Shih Wing-ching

“I think it is hard for society to accommodate your needs. You need to adapt yourself to changes in the environment.” 

SCOM Talk Show ep6: Lam Woon Kwong

“You cannot be right all the time. Sometimes we make mistakes or go the wrong way. But you can be good all the time.” 

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