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SCOM’s Forth Teaching Sharing Seminar in AY 2022/23

The fourth teaching sharing seminar of the AY 2022–23 was organized by the School of Communication (SCOM) on May 11, 2023. Dr. Clio Wu, Assistant Professor of SCOM, moderated the sharing seminar, namely “Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning in the Post-Covid-19 Era”.  Mr. Paul Yu, Ms. Vivian Kam, Dr. Sobel Chan and Dr. Irina Yu were invited to share their teaching experiences from the previous academic year.

The sharing seminar was opened by Dr. Clio Wu, who spoke on the difficulties in teaching and learning in the post-Covid-19 era.  Dr. Wu brought up the point that helping and encouraging students to participate in professional competitions can increase their enthusiasm to learn.

Following the pandemic, Mr. Paul Yu thought that students’ performance, including attendance and involvement in class, needed to be improved. Mr. Yu also stated that encouraging students helps to increase their interest in learning. As Mr. Yu spent a lot of time communicating with students last year, he remarked that engaging with students outside of the classroom was more productive than classroom instruction alone.

Ms. Vivian Kam planned numerous activities for students, such as in-class exercises and debates, to increase students’ participation in class. Ms. Kam believed that the “use of feedback” is an effective strategy for raising students’ interest in learning. She developed positive teacher-student relationships with her students by paying great attention to each one and showing that she cared about them.

Dr. Sobel Chan emphasized the great benefit students glean from participating in practical classes. For the practical modules, Dr. Chan supervised the students as they went on field trips to make microfilm creations. However, given the substantial variations in students’ learning styles and pace, he acknowledges the importance for educators to devise strategies that effectively motivate and engage all learners.

Dr. Irina Yu has observed the unique characteristics of SCOM students, recognizing the diverse learning styles that exist not just within her class, but across different Schools as well. By tailoring her teaching approach to each student’s potential, she fostered strong relationships with them, and was committed to enhancing their logical analysis abilities.

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